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This website provides tools and information related to the enforcement of our mail policies.

This page is intended for customers of any of the AT&T consumer Internet services using the following domains:

It is designed to initiate the process of getting messages from other sending systems unblocked. Filling in the information below will allow us to send an automated email to those who manage the blocked system. These managers can then request an unblock from us. We act on most requests within two days.

A copy of the message we send appears at the bottom of this page.

To send the email we need to know the two domains that are involved, yours and that of your correspondent whose messages are being blocked. (The domain is the portion of an e-mail address to the right of the "@" sign). If the error message is known please include it as this will quicken the unblock request. You may want to ask the sender what error message they received.

Your domain

The domain of your correspondent:
Error message or Non Delivery Report (NDR):
Example of an NDR


NOTE: Information submitted will not be saved or used in any other way.

A copy of the message we send appears below:

Dear Postmaster:

We are writing to let you know that we are blocking messages addressed to one of our customers [to: domain] by one of your customers at [from: domain]. The stream of messages coming from your system appears to consist mostly of unwanted commercial e-mail (UCE, or "spam"). To protect our system and to ensure that it operates well for all of our customers, we have decided to block all messages originating from your system.

Please consult your logs to see what might be causing this situation and how it can be fixed. Then visit to request a removal of the block. Most requests for removal are honored within two days.

The specific error message recieved by your customer was: [NDR message]

Thank you for your assistance in helping our respective customers communicate.

Best regards,

The AT&T Mail Team.


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